Hawaii Forgiveness Project

Images of Forgiveness Awards
Winning Entries, 2007

including special Children's Awards

presented at
International Forgiveness Day in Hawai'i
August 3, 2007

Gold Medal:

"Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Forgiveness"
Jonathan Ming Ji

Watercolor portrait of the Goddess Quan Yin, who in Buddhism is known as the 'Goddess of Compassion' that aligns the path of forgiveness.

She is seen in this painting holding the world in her hands above her head with ease using her immense physical and spiritual strength. She is surrounded by the softness of flowers and the great vastness of the oceans that represent the divine feminine ability we all have, to transcend all diversity and transmute all negativities to love and forgiveness.

The seven white doves flying about her represent long life and harmony that paralell the 'seven year life cycles.' She is wearing a ruby-red robe representing the divine Mother and two bracelets on each wrist that represent, on the right arm, balance of body and mind and on the right arm, balance of spirit and strength.

The artist is Master Painter and Grand Master Jonathan Ming Ji, who was a Zen monk for 25 years in China and is now an Abbot, heading the nonprofit Buddhist Art and Mind Center in Los Angeles. He resides in Kaneohe.

Silver Medal:

"Offering to Compassion and Forgiveness"
Nan Holmes

three images:

Offering to Drinking-Water
Offering to Food
Offering to Perfum

Offering to Drinking-Water

Offering to Food

Offering to Perfume


Forgiveness is a process of opening to what is possible.

These images, from my series on the Green Tara -- the Tibetan goddess of compassion -- are expressions of forgiveness, love, humility, simplicity, honesty, and truthfulness, passed down through centuries of deep meditative practices. They are the Buddhist hand gestures or mudras used while chanting and meditating, reminding us to be still within and to act with caring while working towards healing.

The hands, like our hands, are instruments for action and for taking personal responsibility for ourselves, others, and all other beings, seen and unseen, with whom we share this great universe.

Nan Holmes

Bronze Medal:

"Just Let Go"
Laura Drost

A photograph of my first bungee jump, from a 100'-tall bridge in the Angeles National Forest, California.

Bungee jumping was a personal challenge; it was not something I wanted to do but rather something I felt that I should do. In order to do it, I had to turn off my mind and forgive everything and everyone and just let go. It was an experience of trust, and in order to fully trust one must first forgive.

Laura Drost

Children's Awards

this special category was recognized
for the 2007 event only -- open exclusively young people,
16 years of age and younger

Here are the winners, all of whom attended
'Iolani School in 2007:

Gold Medal
Ann Cho, born 1993

colored pencil


Silver Medal

Sarah Choi, born 1993

colored pencil and watercolor


Bronze Medal

Danielle Nakamoto, born 1993

crayon and colored pencil

video of the Children's Awards presentation:
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