A Call from the People of Hawai’i

Sent from the Tenth Annual Hawaii International Forgiveness Day
August 5, 2012
at the State Capitol, Honolulu

From this place of honor and shared voices, we, the people of Hawai’i Nei, issue this Kahea to our own souls, to each other and to the world for a renewal of forgiveness in our lives.

We recognize the pain of the original Hawaiian people, and commit ourselves to seeking healing, forgiveness and justice for the Hawaiian people, whose traditional values and rights are vital to our survival as an island culture.

We, the people of this wondrous island chain, set in the center of the world ocean between East and West, recognize our responsibility to all of humanity to keep sacred the spirit of Aloha, and to share it with the world. We understand that a healthy society emerges as individuals become leaders, with the capacity to cultivate peace.

We are transforming our cultural values to support nonviolence, in a profound and personal way. As our personal understanding grows, we are learning to practice responsible business and fair trade. We support new forms of shared decision-making, aligning our laws with justice as well as the healing of society.

This Kahea is a Call through time to our ancestors of the past, to our people of today, and to future generations: we will face our challenges and tragedies together, regardless of political ideology.

We are learning to listen as well as to speak; to compromise and to heal. We forgive ourselves and each other, without forgetting the past; we redeem injustices with the touch of patient love, respect, understanding, humility and gratitude.

We call upon our government and business leaders, in whom we repose our common trust, to heed these words. We ask you to participate in this pledge personally -- in your own family, in your community, on all Islands and across the State. We pledge to support you, as we develop creative solutions together, seeking open dialogue and valuing the deep identity of all living beings.

We call upon you to respect our State Law, which asks you to “contemplate and reside with the life force and give consideration to The Aloha Spirit.”

This Kahea radiates from hearts unified in solidarity and a commitment to life, to seek joy and pleasure from acts of kindness, humility and patience. In the original language of this place, we call upon the Aloha Spirit: akahai; lokahi; `olu`olu; ha`aha`a; ahonui.



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