Hawaii Forgiveness Project

Our Vision

We live in a land that radiates the spirit of Aloha to the world, a land whose original people practiced Ho’oponopono, a walk of balance in our islands. We seek a living re-connection between all the peoples of modern Hawai'i and the first Hawaiians, to their values and insights, and we will share that wisdom with the world.

We want to know the many facets of the diamond of forgiveness. For the world cultures that have come to our islands, forgiveness is one of the keys to a meaningful life. We envision a community that embraces forgiveness as a life skill -- weaving forgiveness into the fabric of our personal, social, cultural, legal, economic, educational, and spiritual life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out to all the communities that make up Hawai'i today:

* By establishing a forum for continued conversations and life experiences centered on forgiveness;

* By providing a resource for information, ideas and tools, for workshops and special events on forgiveness;

* By developing our personal deep knowledge of forgiveness, exploring its many roots in world religions, philosophies, history and the arts, and regularly practicing what we are learning; and

* By honoring those among us who embody forgiveness in their life’s path, and sharing their stories in creative ways.

For America and for the world, we will provide a true, heartfelt, and practical connection to traditional Hawaiian ideals, with forgiveness at the center.

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