Forgiveness Day 2007

Public Service Announcement
produced with 'Olelo Community Television

Merton Chinen, one of the group's team leaders:

Sunday August 5, 2007, 1 - 5 pm, Honolulu
Kaimuki High School Auditorium; Kapiolani Blvd. at King St.

Children and Forgiveness

Nalani Olds and Kupuna Kawohiokalani:
The Queen and the Bowl of Light

Paula Fuga: Solo Performance of Hungry Child;
Hero of Forgiveness

Witness to Forgiveness through War and Terrorism:
special guests from Kabul, Afghanistan, Gene and Jan Jones

All Because of One Egg: Performance by T-Shirt Theatre
by Leo Tolstoy and the students of Farrington High School

The Fool - mythic dancer from IONA
The Return - medieval light puppets by Jeff Gere
Forgiveness Arts Awards, adult and youth categories

milk & cookies with Wally Amos; free forgiveness food;
nutritious forgiveness meal may be purchased from Volcano Joe's;
forgiveness massage; artwork from students statewide,
"Aloha Peace Wall," created for the Dalai Lama

A Public Service Announcement
from Elizabeth Reveley:

Forgiveness Massage

Elizabeth heads the American Institute of Massage Therapy
(one of the official sponsors of Forgiveness Day)
in Kailua, HI

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