Hawai'i Forgiveness Project


The Hawai’i Forgiveness Project was started in 2002 by a diverse group of people in island society. We were concerned to bring greater harmony to our people, and were inspired by the example of International Forgiveness Day.

Intense, committed monthly meetings have been held to learn about forgiveness, experience it personally, and communicate it more widely. Here is a sample of what some of our people have said about the project, and why we have created this book of Forgiveness Stories:

Hawai’i is a multicultural society whose people deeply respect the values of the first people who first settled our islands, long ago. A life of forgiveness is demonstrated clearly by traditional Hawaiian culture, through the spirit of Aloha (welcome, love) and the practice of Ho`oponopono (balance, understanding).

We support forgiveness in all its religious, artistic, personal, justice, educational, social and political forms. Our leaders attempt to publicly demonstrate the honesty that forgiveness requires, in their personal and professional conduct.

Forgiveness is a way of creating resilience in our personal, family, community and professional lives.

Today, we aim to experience a sense of freedom that is grounded in reality, and which encourages compassion and caring for others at the highest level. We aim to assure open access to multicultural resources and counseling centers that support people of all ages and institutions, whether small or large.

The mission of the Hawaii Forgiveness Project is to offer opportunities for conversations on forgiveness at all levels of the community and to teach the life skill of forgiveness -- that Aloha shall truly reign in all walks of life in Hawai’i. We will share what we learn with all the people of the world.

The most universal way for people to learn new ideas is through stories. From ancient times, storytellers have spoken to us over campfires, in festivals, in song, religious ritual, dance and art, and the benefit of each generation’s experience has passed down from father to son, from mother to daughter. The book of Forgiveness Stories highlighted on this website attempts to continue in that ancient way.

Hawai'i is an example for the world, both small in size and large in significance, of what is true and possible.

After much reflection in the past year, we have summarized our purpose in a Mission Statement, which you can download and read here:

Here are some photos from the 2004 Forgiveness Day celebration:
2004 Forgiveness Day

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